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Renata Batteries is a worldwide leading producer of button cells for electronic applications.


They produce a wide range of products such as silver oxide batteries for wrist watches, zinc air batteries for hearing aids, but also lithium-3V-button-cells for the consumer and industrial industries and for telecommunication, medical and PCs use.


The consistent high quality and power of the button cells is a result of the reliable quality assurance system at RENATA, and begins with the inspection of incoming raw materials right through to the testing of the finished product.



Vertical Through Hole Glass Filled Liquid Crystal Polymer CR2032 Battery Holder

Mfr. Part#:HU2032-LF

RoHS compliant

Ab   0,3296 € EUR

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Ø12.5 x 2.5 mm 3 V 48 mAh Non-Rechargeable Lithium Coin Cell Battery

Mfr. Part#:CR1225.IB

RoHS compliant

Ab   0,4281 € EUR

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