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PAKTRON manufactures Multilayer Polymer (MLP) Film Capacitors. The MLP capacitor provides improved stability, both electrically and mechanically, compared to multilayer ceramics while featuring "non-shorting" operation and does not crack like large ceramic chip capacitors. Capacitance values range from 0.1 mF to 50 mF and the voltage ratings are 50 VDC to 500 VDC. Both thru-hole and SMD mounting configurations are available.

Today, the fastest growing market segment that PAKTRON serves is Power Conversion for industries such as telecommunications/datacom, military infrastructure, automotive, medical and high-end industrial. The 100 volt rated MLP capacitor is the part of choice for input/output filtering in -48 volt telecom bus power applications (on-board or dc/dc modules). In addition to the MLP products, PAKTRON is the manufacturer of the Quencharc® RC Network which is the oldest trademark name in the industry for RC networks and are used extensively in industrial applications where there are inductive loads (relays, solenoid valves, motor contactors.) creating electrical noise leading to contact arcing or resetting of PLCs.



Q/QRL Series 600 V 0.1 uF ±20 % Radial Metallized Polyester Quencharc® Capacitor

Mfr. Part#:104M06QC10...

RoHS compliant

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RA Series 400 V 0.22 uF ±10 % Radial Metallized Polyester Angstor® Capacitor

Mfr. Part#:224K400RA6

RoHS compliant

Ab   0,3754 € EUR

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