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For over 52 years the Maida Development Company has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality components for the electronic industry. Maida currently has three full product lines, consisting of zinc-oxide varistors, ceramic disk capacitors, and PTC and NTC thermistors.


Maida products are distributed worldwide to OEMs and end-users who require exceptional service and delivery. Distribution is achieved with an international team of trained, experienced sales representatives and distributors strategically located worldwide.


Dedicated employees, management with a customer service attitude, sound competitive marketing, and state-of-the art products sum up the Maida story.




StandarD Series Ø7 mm 35 VAC Radial Through Hole Varistor

Mfr. Part#:D73ZOV350R...

RoHS compliant

Ab   0,0762 € EUR

Kürzlich aktualisiert


14 VDC 11 V RMS 36 V Clamp 500 A 3500 pF Radial Through Hole Varistor

Mfr. Part#:D73ZOV110RA01

RoHS compliant

Ab   0,1002 € EUR

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