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ERG does inverters. They do CCFL inverters, offering a wide range of open frame inverters off-the-shelf, from the single-lamp 8m inverter and its many variations (including the popular 8mF, which can power up to 6 lamps) to "Plug & Play" solutions like the P44W and P44WD (with encapsulated transformer) for wide operating temperatures. ERG offers the unique vacuum encapsulated CCFL inverter for high-reliability applications in an array of types and sizes, from the popular single-lamp E200II to the 10-lamp R Series.


EL Inverters. Our Smart Force™ family of power supplies provides a wide range of solutions for electroluminescent (EL) backlit displays.




E200II Series dc to ac inverter for LQ057Q3DC02

Mfr. Part#:E2322

RoHS compliant

Ab   18,64 € EUR

Kürzlich aktualisiert


Output Harness (Driver to Display) for NEC NL6448BC26-20F 8.4" 640 x 480 Display

Mfr. Part#:H10808152

RoHS compliant

Ab   12,84 € EUR

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