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EnOcean GmbH is the originator of patented self-powered wireless technology. Headquartered in Oberhaching near Munich, the company manufactures and markets maintenance-free wireless sensor solutions for use in buildings and industrial installations.


EnOcean solutions are based on miniaturized energy converters, ultra-low-power electronic circuitry and reliable wireless. Combining these elements enables EnOcean and its product partners to offer sensor systems that are fundamental for energy-efficient buildings and innovative industry.




TCM 320 Series 868 MHz Transceiver Module For Line-Powered Applications

Mfr. Part#:S3003-K320

RoHS compliant

Ab   15,18 € EUR

Kürzlich aktualisiert


STM 312 Series 868MHz Wireless Transceiver Module w/ Whip Antenna w/o Solar Cell

Mfr. Part#:S3001-D312

RoHS compliant

Ab   23,11 € EUR

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